Jolla unveils “The Other Half” smart covers

Jolla unveils The Other Half smart covers

Jolla has unveiled a pair of smart covers that not only change the way their phone looks like, but also bring along a number of UI changes. Dubbed “The Other Half,” the new smart covers are available in aloe-green and black, each costing €29 or about $39.

The “magic” happens thanks to the NFC chip included within each one of these smart covers. Once you replace the default white cover, you get a whole new look and feel all with different icons, wallpaper, screen saver and even sounds.

When Jolla originally announced its phone, it also promised some fancy things like covers with QWERTY physical keyboard built-in, or a giant flash, though we’ll have to wait a little longer to see something like that.

Meanwhile, the company unveiled an API, allowing third parties to create their own smart covers. This could be perfect for various brands looking to offer personalized user experience to their community. Yet again, we’re not sure whether some company will take advantage of this capability, or not…

[Via: PhoneArena]

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