Man Shoots the Crap Out of His iPhone 4S With A Sniper Rifle After Apple Bans Bitcoin Apps [Video]

Apple has banned Bitcoin apps, pulling a popular iOS Bitcoin wallet app called Blockchain on Thursday. Since Apple pretty much hates anything it can’t directly control, this is not a surprising move. And it’s pissed off a ton of iPhone owners, including one dude who really likes shooting stuff.

Apparently, Reddit doesn’t like Apple’s decision to ban Bitcoin related apps on iOS. Reddit user round-peg offered a bounty for anyone who would smash up their iPhone in protest of Apple’s move. The reward for a obliterated iPhone? A brand spanking new LG Nexus 5.

One Reddit user decided that smashing his iPhone wasn’t enough. Ryan of “Ryan’s Range Report” a YouTube show that features lots of guns and explosions decided to grab his burly sniper rifle and shoot the shit out of his iPhone 4S.

It’s pretty amazing, and shows the strength of the Bitcoin and altcoin community in general. While most of the public is just hearing about Bitcoin and still have no clue as to what it is, a huge community is hard at work to expand the use of the alternative currency.

Welcome to the Android camp, Ryan! And keep up the Apple smashing!

via: Business Insider

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