Mozilla working on a Firefox Android launcher

Firefox Android launcher

Despite pursuing its own platform (Firefox OS), Mozilla also wants a piece of the “Android pie.” To that end, the company has invested in the launcher app called, which will be rebranded and offered as Firefox Launcher for Android.

We don’t have all the details just yet, but the single screenshot shared by Mozilla looks kinda cool, promising to put the web in the center of your smartphone experience. We also know this launcher will integrate the Firefox web browser and EverythingMe’s contextual search into a single experience. This, somewhat vague description leaves us looking for more answers. However, we’ll likely have to wait for another month or so to try out the Firefox Launcher and get a better idea what Mozilla is trying to do.

The company said that development is currently in the pre-beta stage, and that updates will be coming in the near future. More to come, obviously.

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