Android apps coming to Windows Phones?

Android apps coming to Windows Phones?

There’s a weird rumor going around the Interwebs, suggesting that Microsoft may allow Android apps to run on Windows Phones. Something like that would quickly increase the app count for Microsoft’s mobile platform, but there are downsides as well. For one thing, this could entice developers to skip “regular” native development for Windows Phone.

It’s a tricky choice. On one hand, the Redmond giant could benefit in the short term to have all those Android apps and games available on Windows Phone handsets. On the other hand, they could pretty much face extinction from the mobile game, with Windows Phone pretty much turning into yet another Android launcher.

So no, we don’t think Microsoft will allow this to happen. At the same time, it may not stop other companies from pursuing this opportunity. Think BlueStacks, the company that already allows Android apps to run on Windows computers. Perhaps these same guys/gals can enable the same functionality on Windows Phones. We doubt the Redmond giant would step-in to block this app/service.

Going forward, Microsoft will move towards merging all of the various versions of Windows into a single platform, one that will run on smartphones, tablets and computers. We are likely few years away from this, though.

[Via: TheVerge]

  • Gregory C Newman

    If Microsoft allows the Nokia “Normandy” ASHA phone to remain on it’s devices for sale list when it takes over the Nokia mobile phone business then a third party developer could easily make an app that would side load Android apps on the “Normandy” phone.
    because the “Normandy use’s a variation of the Android operating system. HMM folks the Clever Microsoft smart phone programmers could do that themselves sell it in the Microsoft ASHA Normandy store and make a lot of money. I hope Microsoft is cunning enough to do pull this OFF Ha HA HA . Wow Microsoft would have it’s OWN version of an Android smart phone that is controlled by them and still make their Windows 8 smart phones which by the way are getting fantastic new features when they are upgraded to Windows 8.1 smart phones in April 2014. I’m Glad I have one. Windows 8.1 will be so good folks they do not need Any android apps.

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