BBM 2.0 for Android, iOS updated with Channels and Voice support

BBM 2.0 for Android, iOS updated with Channels and Voice support

BlackBerry has released an updated version of its BBM messaging app for iOS and Android. Version 2.0 brings two major changes – support for Voice communication and BBM Channels.

The first feature allows BBM users to talk to one another for free, and will work either over 3G or Wi-Fi. As for the BBM Channels, it’s made to enable users to engage in conversation with like minded folks on topics of common interest. In addition, the application comes with Glympse-like location sharing that can be enabled for a pre-defined period of time. Kinda cool as you don’t want to let other users know where you are at all times.

Finally, let’s not forget Dropbox-powered file sharing. Thanks to this capability, you can beam large files to your BBM buddies, relying on Dropbox to serve as an intermediary of sorts. Alternatively, user on the other end of the line could opt to save the file locally on their phones or tablets, if they fancy so.

BlackBerry is looking expand the value of its BBM platform, which is competing with fast-growing services like WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat. These are some serious competitors and we’re certain they will give their best to preserve (and expand) their respective user bases. We’ll see how that goes…

BBM (FREE) [iTunes link] [Google Play Store]

  • Robert Mumby

    Caused my Galaxy SIII to freeze. I could not make any outgoing calls and contacts app froze.

    • Raghav

      buy a better phone dude

      • Robert Mumby

        Isn’t the purpose of these sections to provide relevant and helpful feedback? The Samsung Galaxy S III is still a top rated phone and has more than enough processing power and memory to support BBM.

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