This is what Ubuntu convergence is all about – a single app running across different devices

Ubuntu convergence

Geeks among us can’t wait to try out the upcoming Ubuntu smartphone. Canonical promised to bring us the true convergence, allowing users to run same apps across different devices. This means smartphones, tablets and computers.

The main idea is simple… and sound. All you need is a powerful smartphone that, once docked, can work like a full-blown Linux PC. This in turn would make multiple devices obsolete since your smartphone would be able to replace a PC.

Have hard time imagining this? Canonical’s Community Manager Jono Bacon is there to help. He created a video to show the Reddit client Karma Machine running on a phone, tablet and Ubuntu PC. You’ll see how the UI can adapt to each display… Pretty powerful stuff. Or so we think. Check it out and let us know how you like it…

Before I let you go I must add that this capability likely won’t come before October when Ubuntu 14.10 will be launched, featuring the all-new new Mir display server and Unity 8 UI that make this magic possible.

  • I absolutely agree with you that the strength of Ubuntu is in the commonality of the code base: I think Canonical are being really smart, saying “this part of the coding is the same regardless of the machine it’s being used on” – if only that were a Universal standard for apps, but it isn’t and whilst there are proprietary manufacturers I don’t suppose it ever will be.

    And ideally, I’d like to be be down to one device (plus a shared family server). I can see however that there will be occasions where there’s a need for more grunt than even a top-end smartphone has to offer. But that’s the plus of Canonical’s idea too – Ubuntu runs, just the same, on desktops too. 🙂

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