Unidentified Huawei Device and Smartwatch Spotted

@evleaks has tweeted a picture of an unidentified Huawei device, planted right next to a smartwatch. The smartphone in @evleaks’ picture sure isn’t the Huawei MediaPad X1, which we saw just the other day, and is rumored to be announced within the next few days at MWC 2014. The pictured device looks pretty big for sure, but not tablet status. The pictured phablet also looks to mimic the style of the HTC One, with rounded edges and what appears to be an aluminum body.

As for what features and specs Huawei’s smartwatch could offer, that’s anyone’s guess. From the picture we can tell that it can receive calls, but with such a small display the smartwatch will be hard pressed to deliver an experience which smartwatches with bigger displays such as Samsung’s recently announced Gear 2 can.

We’ll keep our eyes on this one, check back with us as more details emerge.

via: @evleaks

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