Lenovo Windows Phone 8.1 device coming by “early summer”

Lenovo Windows Phone 8.1 device coming by early summer

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft announced new partners that will make Windows Phone devices. One of them was Lenovo, which — we’re hearing — will be out with its very first Windows Phone 8.1 device by “early summer.”

According to the rumor from WP7Fourm.ru, the Chinese company could finish this product by April and then launch it few month afterwards.

Unfortunately (or not, depending on your point of view), this will be a mid-range device with specs that include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 or 600 chip, 4.5 – 5-inch screen, and a price tag of around 15,000 Rubles (about $416).

It’s important to mention that most of Lenovo’s Android phones are mid-range devices, with few exceptions like the Vibe Z. Moreover, the vendor makes most of the money from its backyard where it has managed to sell nearly 14 million phones in Q4 2013 alone, up 47% from last year. Now that Lenovo has Motorola on its side, we may see more of their gear coming to the West. And yes, Windows Phone devices could easily be part of the global plan…

[Via: WPcentral]

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