Video: Dancing to Charge Your Phone? In Nokia’s Future You’ll Be Doing Just That

Dancing to charge your phone? That’s exactly what Nokia envisions for the future of device charging, detailed in a humorous video released by the Finnish device manufacturer. While the tech isn’t quite ready to go, it could be the way of the future.

If you thought Glassholes were bad, just wait until everyone is dancing awkwardly just to catch a little bit of a charge. Oh boy.

The video was shot entirely with the Nokia Lumia 1020, the Windows Phone running smartphone which packs a 41MP camera. The video is part of Nokia’s “environmentally friendly” image, with the company detailing its planet saving efforts on the company’s website.

As the video details, kinetic charging isn’t quite here yet. The woman in the video dances for hours only to receive a minimal charge, a realistic hurdle which developers will have to overcome to bring the technology to our pockets.

Check out the video below!

via: WPCentral

  • Mitchem

    lol….instead of dancing why not jogging…it will sound more better

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