Meizu MX3 announced for France, costs a fortune

Meizu MX3 announced for France, costs a fortune

As expected, Meizu has announced its entry to the French mobile market, with MX3 hitting the stores soon.

The sad news is that in France, users will be able to buy Meizu’s flagship for a small fortune, with prices of unlocked, SIM-free, non-LTE models ranging from 449 to 549 Euros, depending on which memory option you go for. In comparison, the 16GB MX3 costs just 235 Euros in China. Sure, French workforce costs more and I would assume that the rent is higher in Paris, but still… such a steep price can’t be easily justified. You’re much better off grabbing Meizu’s gear from one of many importers hoping that the customs office won’t open the package.

Ubuntu on Meizu, unfortunately, was not mentioned and the same goes for any carrier partnership. Perhaps we get to learn about some operator adding the MX3 to its portfolio and eventually making it more affordable. Meanwhile, we can’t really suggest anyone to grab the MX3 for 450 EUR. Go for the Nexus 5, instead.

Finally, you may be wondering where will Meizu go from here. Chances are their next destination is Italy, followed by Spain, UK and other EU countries.

[Via: GizChina]

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