Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with Kids Store; Here’s how it looks like

Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with Kids Store

Even before the Galaxy S5 was officially announced, we knew it will come with a Kids Mode that will make it safe for the phone to be used by children, allowing parents to set limits on which apps kids can use and which are banned. In addition, Samsung also included the option to set a time limit on kid’s phone usage, after which a prompt will appear asking for the previously defined password.

A special part of this experience is the Kids Store, which contains a selection of educational apps and games kids can use to entertain themselves and/or learn something new. Although some of the apps included come with in-app purchasing capability, Samsung made sure your child can’t spend your money without your consent. Every such action will require the password.

We kinda love what the Korean giant did to make its flagship device more appealing to the parents and kids alike. Check out few additional screenshots below:

[Via: SamMobile]

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