Flappy Bird Could Rise From the Ashes: Creator “Considering” A New Flappy Bird Game

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen says he may be bringing the hit iOS and Android game back from the dead, according to an interview from Rolling Stone.  Nguyen states that he isn’t currently developing a new Flappy Bird game, but that it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Nguyen is “considering” a new Flappy Bird game, but is focusing on a few other titles at the moment. If a version of Flappy Bird old or new does make its way back to app stores, it will come with a warning: “Take a break.”

Flappy Bird was a smash success, becoming an internet phenomenon over the course of a few days. The craze was so insane in fact that Nguyen pulled the game from the iOS App Store, and the Google Play Store as well. Addicted fans were left without their flappy adventure, inspiring wave after wave of Flappy Bird clones to flood Apple and Google’s app stores. According to Rolling Stone’s exclusive interview with Nguyen, Flappy Bird could make its way back to app stores around the world.

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As for why Nguyen pulled the app that was netting him around $50,000 a day from app stores, Nguyen cites his disdain for the attention that the game garnered him, which completely transformed his simple life into a paparazzi filled nightmare. Not only that, but Nguyen received horror story text messages and e-mails from people around the globe, mostly spite-filled messages about how Flappy Bird was ruining people’s lives. As Nguyen had struggled with an addiction to Counter Strike a few years prior, Nguyen took those warnings to heart.

Nguyen is currently working on a few games, one of which will be released this month.

We’ll have to wait and see what Nguyen does with Flappy Bird in the future, and we will be seeing new titles from the developer in the coming months. In the meantime, check out Rolling Stone’s exclusive interview with Nguyen for a seriously good read.

via: Rolling Stone

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