Google acquires Green Throttle Games; Google-made Android console coming soon?

Google acquires Green Throttle Games

Google has acquired Green Throttle Games in a move that suggests the company is working on its very own Android-based game console.

Game Throttle used to offer a special game center-like app called Arena, as well as Bluetooth gamepads. In November 2013, the company pulled the application from the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore, effectively shutting down its operations.

Now they’re back and they have Google to thank for the resurrection. Former staff, including co-founders, will work for the Mountain View-based company bringing their gaming expertise along the way.

Chances are we’ll see a Google-made Android console debuting later this year, effectively adding a new dose of life to the somewhat failing Google TV project. What we need is a whole new UI that will make any smart set-top box attractive to the mainstream consumers. Can’t wait to see what Google does with Green Throttle’s tech…

[Via: AndroidCentral]

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