Totally crazy or innovative? This smart watch doubles as a wireless headset!


Smart watches are the new craze of the market. A number of companies have already shown us how to make these devices, and just when we thought we’ve seen it all – HeadWatch was unveiled at Indiegogo.

It’s an innovative smart watch in that sense that it also doubles as a wireless headset! You got that right, this watch can be detached from the wrist-band and attached to your head using a little fold-out ear clip. According to folks behind this project, it solves another problem – makes sure you don’t lose your Bluetooth headset (cause you’ll have it with you on your wrist). Yup, it sounds crazy cause you’ll be walking around with a screen attached to your ear. While that’s a great (or is it?) conversation starter, we’re not sure this is the right way to go about this. Perhaps I’m wrong, and perhaps more folks will commit their hard-earned cash and back this project.

Other than this unique capability, the HeadWatch is similar to other products from the category, featuring notifications, ability to manage (as in reject/accept) phone calls, and so on. It will also come with an open platform that will allow developers to make apps for it and further expand its capabilities.

HeadWatch folks are looking to raise $300,000 in funding by May 7, 2014; manufacturing is set to start in January 2015.

Here’s a demo video to convince you this is worth your money. Check it out.

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