Google Search app gets “take a picture” and “take a video” voice actions

Google Now camera starting

You know how it can be daunting to quickly fire-up camera when you need it the most. Google knows this hence it decided to make it easier for Android users to take a photo or record a video.

The newly launched update to Google Search adds two new commands to the mix, “take a picture” and “take a video,” which should make this process that much faster. Of course, Nexus and Moto G/X users will benefit the most due to the built-in always-listen mode. For the rest of us, we’ll still have to unlock the phone and go through all cumbersome steps as we used to. Actually, many new launchers provide users with quick access to the camera right from the lockscreen. While that’s not as fancy as saying “take a photo,” it gets the job done.

So are you looking forward to fire-up the camera app with a voice command?

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