Google working on smart contact lenses!

Google working on smart contact lenses!

Forget about smart glasses – Google is working on smart contact lenses. But… there’s always some “but” with stories like these. The USPTO patent application filed by the search giant doesn’t describe a device as powerful as Google Glass; rather the “multi-sensor contact lens” is envisioned as a basic input device that will work in pair with some other wearable or a smartphone. At its basic form, Google’s lens could be used for prompts to allow user to blink once for “Yes” or twice for “No.”

In addition, this lens could also be able to pick cues from the environment, bundling a number of sensors for light, pressure, temperature, conductivity and electric field, all of which would be combined with a control circuit and power source embedded outside the user’s physical field of vision. So no brains would be included in this lens with all computing happening at a different location (smartphone?).

This, of course, is just a start and God knows where this could go from here. It’s also important to add that we’re likely years away from seeing this technology in action. In the meantime, Google’s and other scientists from all around the world will have to figure out how to get power to this petite device. Nevertheless, this sort of tech has future though we’re not sure we like it that much. And we’re pretty tech savvy…

[Via: PatentBolt]

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