BlackBerry OS 10.3 to include an improved UI, intelligent assistant and more

BlackBerry OS 10.3

BlackBerry is working on the next version of its mobile platform. Version 10.3 should be out later in the year, bringing along a number of changes, including:

  • Nicer looking homescreen that no longer has boxed icons.
  • Intelligent Assistant – yup, the Canadian company will offer a Siri of its own. We still lack many details, though.
  • New keyboard layout and colors – more minimalist style layout and new color schemes, including black with red, black and red.
  • Advanced Interaction Features – so that your screen is automatically turned off when the device is upside down or inside pocket.
  • New camera features – including support for panoramic photos, ability to record video in 720p at 30 and 60 fps, auto HDR suggest (when conditions require), and more.
  • Smart Search
  • Revamped Music Player
  • Design change in controls and buttons
  • Improved performance – the system minimizes and maximizes application almost instantly giving a more pleasant browsing experience.

BlackBerry OS 10.3

We’re still clueless when BlackBerry will launch the new version of its platform and can only hope that will happen sooner rather than later. More to come, obviously…

[Via: CrackBerry, FoneArena & ZonaBlackBery]

  • edwin gonzalez

    Hope it doesn’t take as long as10.2 update

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