HTC BlinkFeed will be available to all Android users

HTC BlinkFeed will be available to all Android users

We’ve told you about HTC’s decision to launch many of its apps in the Google Play Store. This in turn would allow the company to more easily launch updates, bypassing carrier approval process altogether. Sony and Motorola are already doing this and with HTC on board, we hope that other vendors will join this trend, as well.

And guess what. HTC may not limit the BlinkFeed app to the HTC owners only. According to some sources — and brought to our attention by PhoneArena — the Taiwanese company may soon offer its news reader to every Android user out there.

As a hard-core geek, I never liked BlinkFeed. Not that it’s bad – it’s just that I have my own habits and apps for going through the news. For an average user who wants to keep up with the latest things happening in the world around him/her, BlinkFeed is great though there are some other cool options out there like Flipboard, Pulse, and more.

On the other hand, I’m also always a big fan of options. That’s what freedom is all about – being able to choose between multiple products and services, and pick the one that works for you best. In that sense, I applaud HTC for (eventually) making BlinkFeed available to everyone. Way to go guys/gals. 😉

UPDATE: HTC Zoe will apparently get the same treatment and be released for the wider Android community.

HTC BlinkFeed (FREE) [Google Play Store]

  • Mindingo from Africa

    Average users he says. Like he’s the only geek in the entire world. We trust what this reviewers say but, sometimes, they don’t use the right words. Good job though. Average users he says.

  • raycee63

    Not available yet for all users! Not for this Australian with a Note 2!!

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