Gary Busey is the New, Weird Face of Amazon Fire TV

The face of Amazon’s new streaming box, the Fire TV his looking pretty insane these days. The Roku and Apple TV competitor, announced earlier today, is all set to win the streaming box wars with just this one advertising move. Who could be powerful enough to lure millions of customers into buying Amazon’s streaming set-top box? Why Gary Busey, duh! (Sorry, Jake Busey. Your dad out weirded you again!)

Amazon’s new commercial for the Fire TV is a riot, and shows off the device’s voice search capabilities. The video depicts the esteemed Mr. Busey trying to talk to inanimate objects around his house to do his bidding, which doesn’t work out so well.. Finally, Amazon’s Fire TV comes to the rescue, recognizing Busey’s surly voice and pointing him to Amazon’s selection of…Gary Busey movies. Pretty classy, you gotta admit!

Check out Amazon’s weird yet genius commercial below!

via: Talk Android

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