Samsung Gear 2 with cellular connectivity to be sold as Gear Solo?

Samsung Gear 2 Neo

Some two weeks ago we’ve told you that Samsung is working on a version of its Gear 2 smart watch with cellular connectivity. At that time, we said that such model will debut in South Korea and only later be introduced in other parts of the world (if at all).

That story kept “hunting us” and today we’ll tell you how that smart watch will be called. According to Korea Herald, this always connected model will be known as Gear Solo, the name which has already been registered with Korean Intellectual Property Office.

As far as I’ve understood, Samsung will cram a 3G rather than 4G radio inside this smart watch, which could save some much-needed energy along the way. The watch will be able to “accept” a SIM card, and as expected, fully work without smartphone connection.

The report claims that in Korea, SK Telecom will be the first to offer this smart watch. If it ends-up “working” for them, we may see it in other parts of the world, as well. We’ll see…

[Via: G4Games]

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