First Sony Windows Phone device to launch in the summer?

First Sony Windows Phone device to launch in the summer?

We know Sony plans to launch a Windows Phone at some point this year, and now we have an indication such device could be unveiled during the summer. According to senior editor at the Verge Tom Warren, the Japanese company’s first smartphone with Microsoft’s mobile platform will debut in July, making it ready for the back to school shopping craze.

Sony’s very own Pierre Perron recently said that they are in “discussions with other partners, including Microsoft,” as part of the partnership on the “broader Sony spectrum.”

That’s a somewhat vague statement that doesn’t mean much. Still, if Sony does plan to diversify its portfolio and offer Windows Phones, it will likely want to hurry up and get a piece of the market before Nokia and Samsung completely conquer it.

It’s important to note that Sony has already produced Windows Phones in the past, though those models were never released to the consumers. Hopefully things will change this time round…

[Via: WMpoweruser]

  • Gregory C Newman

    Microsoft has made the Windows 8.1 OS and Windows 8.1 smart phone OS free to anyone who wants to be a microsoft OEM partner that is making a small screen 9 inch or smaller devices. Sony is a big corp and can afford to produce a couple of Windows 8 smart phones to see how well they sell on the market place. because of Nokia windows smart phones are a international renown product selling well in some foreign markets.
    it’s a growing product line. I wish it were more popular here. I own one and love it. one thing for sure the update us American Windows 8 smart phone owners will soon get will give us some great new features and more updates are coming to Windows 8.1 desktop, Laptop, Tablets and smart phones.

  • migue.2990

    I would be very
    interested my iPhone is getting too lame. Same old OS same old device. Also I have noticed that apple services are a bit over priced. i have been part of
    the apple ecosystem for some years now. I like my iPhone and my MacBook and AppleTV
    very much. although lately I’ve notice a lot of services apple offers are free
    with others. apples cloud services suck and I pay for them, where other cloud
    services are free and are actually better. I’ll keep looking into it for now, I
    had a lot of faith in Sony in the 90s. I would like to see them on top again,
    this will be good for Sony.

  • iam amit

    Today the only choice on a Windows phone offering is Nokia Lumia.
    Lumia is # 2 smartphone in India especially among college kids and also enterprise. Sony cant be ignoring all the buzz happening around Windows 8.1 phone. Plus its also becoming too risky for Samsung and Sony to reply completely on Android.

  • D Velasquez

    Sony has never produced Windows phone devices, not even on its native Japan as a matter of fact the first Windows phone device came from Toshiba Fujitsu and it landed on au KDDI (IS12T) so I would like to know which one are there previous Windows phones you are stating. I have been using Japanese phones for years and don’t recall one made by Sony

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