Xiaomi’s MIUI software now works on almost 200 devices

Xiaomi's MIUI software now works on almost 200 devices

Xiaomi’s MIUI is quickly emerging as one of the most popular custom Android ROMs. It’s still trailing the likes of Cyanogenmod but it’s getting there at its own pace.

Aside from the company’s “official” efforts to bring MIUI to as many devices as possible, there are also unofficial ways to cram Xiaomi’s software to your phone. These efforts are maintained by the large community of developers from all around the world, and now this list counts some 198 devices.

As that’s usually the case, you can’t expect any form of regular support when installing MIUI on your phone. There is a vibrant community and forums that could help you achieve this but you have no guarantees everything will work like a charm.

However, it’s also worth noting that unofficial ports tend to have more features whereas official ones are more stable. So it’s up to you to decide which of the two things you value more – features or stability. You can check the entire list of supported devices from here.

  • Joey

    FALSE! CyanogenMod has only 10 million users however MIUI has 30 million users.

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