Google Search Update Saves Google Now Cards For Offline Use

Thanks to an update from Google, Google Search users will now be able to view their Google Now cards on their mobile devices when offline. Earlier this week, Google updated the app with a Parking Location card, which alerts users to the whereabouts of their parked vehicles.

The update will store Google Now cards even when a device is offline, and will display a card which tells the user the last time their Google Now data was updated. That’s great news for users who live in areas with spotty data coverage, or who find themselves stranded somewhere without a data connection.

Google Now is a personal assistant type service that is baked into Google’s Search app, which scans emails, web history and much more to deliver important information such as appointments, alerts and reminders that are displayed on clean and simple cards. Google Now is a pretty useful feature, and Google is expanding the functionality of the app with the quickness.

Be on the lookout for Google Search to automatically update on your device. If you haven’t gotten it yet, head over to the Google Play Store and download Google Search.

via: Google+ , Android and Me

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