Samsung Galaxy S2 Explodes in 7-Year Old Girl’s Pocket, Inflicts Serious Burns

A seven-year-old girl was inflicted with serious burns on her leg after a Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone exploded in her pocket, causing major burns which necessitated a skin transplant. The event adds to the laundry list of exploding smartphones which has grown in the recent years. Just last July, a Samsung Galaxy S3 blew up in a Swiss woman’s pocket causing third degree burns.

The unfortunate event took place in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan while the girl, Ariana Aitzhan was playing outside near her home. Her parents suddenly heard screaming, which sent Ariana’s parents rushing to her side. Ariana’s smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S2 lay next to her, scorched to the bone. After being taken to the hospital, Ariana required a skin graft.

“When it exploded she was screaming and calling for help, a neighbour that was nearest pulled her jeans off and said that some of her skin came away with it. The burn was horrific – it went all the way through to the bone.” – Araina’s father, Yerlan Aitzhan

Luckily, Samsung has agreed to cover all of Ariana’s medical bills and plastic surgery, and has asked Ariana’s family to send in the device so the company can perform a full investigation. Ariana’s father Yerlan is weary of returning the remains of the smartphone to Samsung, fearing that the company may cover up the incident. Whatever the case may be, this tragic incident reminds us of the perils of the always connected digital age.

via: Mirror


  • Edrin Gibson

    Samsung tsk tsk

    • Tojen1981

      How is this automatically Samsung’s fault? This device is almost 4 years old. Who knows what kind of shape it was in to begin with. Was it damaged beforehand? Aftermarket battery? Software/hardware mods? Questions like this should be asked before any fingers are pointed.

      • kruger

        You’re missing the point dude .. any electronic device should NOT explode regardless of it’s age, or state they are in due to usage. That is faulty engineering ..plain and simple!

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