Here’s how some of the upcoming HP tablets look like

HP tablet

Thanks to the ever-savvy EVleaks, we have first press shots of “upcoming HP design language” to show you. The company which is best known for its printers won’t be giving up on the tablet market so easily.

On one hand we have what looks like an entry-level device (picture above) that has super-thick bezels and frame that could easily accommodate much bigger display. For some reason, HP thinks this is cool.

On the other hand, there’s the model pictured below that reminds us on the HTC One. We kinda like how those front-facing speakers fit the bigger screen.

HP tablet

Unfortunately though, we’ve no idea what kind of hardware any of these two products rock under the hood. The first model is likely super-basic, whereas the second one could be a completely different beast. Or so we hope. It’s time for HP to step-up its game, don’t you think?

  • Willie D

    Stealing iPad and HTC designs much?

  • geewhizz

    “Here’s how some of the upcoming HP tablets look like”
    Surely “how they look like” is through the camera?
    Think I’ll look for an article written in English thanks.

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