iPhone 6 to have a 1704 x 960 pixels screen?

iPhone 6 to have a 1704 x 960 pixels screen?

We’ve all heard rumors suggesting that the next iPhone will come with a bigger screen. In fact, it is said that Apple is preparing two different iPhone variants, one with a 4.7-inch and another with 5.5-inch display.

According to 9to5Mac, this extra screen estate will also require better, higher-res panels which will likely have resolution of 1704 x 960 pixels, up from the 1136 x 640 currently seen in the 4-inch iPhone 5, 5S and 5C. This in turn would be Cupertino’s answer to the full HD screen craze, but not as much to the emerging QHD display trend.

Apple always had its own, unique way that earned it trust and respect in the industry. I’ve no doubts that current iPhone owners will undoubtedly go for one of the two new models, suddenly forgetting their previous complaints about the bulkiness of modern Android smartphones and phablets. That’s just the “nature” of Apple fanboys.

Anyhow, the new screen resolution fits with Apple’s definition of a “Retina” display and we’re sure most users will be perfectly happy with the end product. I personally don’t see the point of QHD displays yet, but then again – I still have to try out a single device with such screen.

It is said that we’ll see the new iPhones launching at some point in September. Before that, we’ll get to meet the new iOS 8 at WWDC next month, and learn about Apple’s entrance to the mobile health & fitness market. Stay tuned as we bring you more.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    An improvement, but is it enough?

  • vasras

    Not even HD. LOL. Apple fail.

  • Joe

    Can’t decide if realistically skeptical or trying to be unbiased. -_-

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