Tegra-powered Nexus 8 to be unveiled at Google I/O?

Tegra-powered Nexus 8 to be unveiled at Google I/O?

The long-time rumored Nexus 8 may finally be announced during the upcoming Google I/O, taking place on June 25th and 26th.

The latest rumor we’ve got — compliments to MYCE — is that this model will be powered by a 64-bit NVidia Tegra chip. As far as we know, the only such SoC is Tegra K1 which also happens to pack that powerful 192-core GPU. Yes, this will be the monster gaming machine though we’ll also need some games that take advantage of all that power. Hopefully, Google is working with major publishers as we speak to have some games to show us within a month.

This all presumes that Nexus 8 will indeed pack NVidia’s monster chip. But even if it doesn’t, we’re sure it will be one of the best tablets you will be able to buy. The entire Nexus line-up is known for offering great value for money and we have no reasons to believe that will be changed any time soon.

So… who’s waiting for the Nexus 8?

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