Microsoft teams-up with British designer to create wireless charging trousers

wireless charging trousers

Wireless charging is cool but it still involves putting the phone out of your pocket to place it on a charging pad. That’s not the case with these mobile-charging trousers, created by Microsoft and 31-year-old British fashion designer Adrien Sauvage.

“Having something that you want to Put On without the Expertise feeling cumbersome was a challenge. It was once also difficult to distribute the warmth so that the wearer wouldn’t feel like they were in a sauna,” said Sauvage in a statement.

The fancy, high-tech trousers have been unveiled in London, featuring some parts from the portable wireless charger Nokia DC-50. While these parts make all the magic happen, they also make this gadget NOT suitable for machine wash. That’s a pain but I guess, something’s gotta give.

Another downer is the price. Being first comes with the premium price tag. These pants will sell for more than $340, which is a lot of money for any trousers, no matter how fancy they are. We can only hope that the price will go down with time, and that designers will find a way to make these sort of pants suitable for a machine wash. 😉

[Via: FoneArena]

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