Nexus 6 won’t be made by LG!


Looks like LG won’t be making this year’s Nexus phone. Presuming Google continues to offer its own devices, some other company will likely get that privilege.

The information comes straight from horse’s mouth, LG’s Communications Director Ken Hong, who said that Google still hasn’t contacted them over a Nexus deal.

“I know at least not yet. Normally, we were informed,” said Ken Hong in an interview. “That can mean two things. Either I got ignored, or we simply won’t be making [the Nexus 6],” he joked.

Hong said that he’s fine with some other vendor getting business from Google this time round. “If you can develop a Google phone that gives credibility. But money you earn is not easy, and you become too dependent on Google.”

He also pointed out that supply issues can be tricky, adding that it was Google rather than LG which determines how many phones are to be made. However, in the eyes of (some) consumers, it was LG to blame [for Nexus 5 shortages].

Some earlier reports suggested that HTC could get some business from the Mountain View-based giant this year; we’ve heard they be the one designing the upcoming Nexus 8 tablet. But who knows, perhaps they also get to make the phone, as well. We’ll see…

[Via: PhoneArena,]

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