Nokia X2 to be available next month for 99 EUR, and you’re better off getting some other phone instead

Nokia X2

Despite owning Nokia’s devices division, the Redmond giant keeps pursuing Nokia’s plans to launch Android devices that run Microsoft services. After the original X series, we now have the Nokia X2 which — I’m sad to say — isn’t that much better than its predecessor(s). Sure, it comes with 1GB of RAM, the fact that should make multi-tasking between few apps that much faster, as well as the ever needed home button which for some reason was missing in the earlier Nokia X models. But, it’s still something we would describe as an entry-level device in this day and age, featuring a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, 4.3-inch screen, 5-megapixel rear camera and some front-facing shooter (most likely VGA) for video calls. In other words, we’re talking about the phone that is best compared to the Galaxy S2, Samsung’s flagship for 2012. That phone was launched three years ago which is like eternity in this [mobile] world.

Alas, Microsoft isn’t going for geeks but folks looking to spend no more than 100 Euros on their handset purchase. And that’s exactly the price users will have to pay in order to get the Nokia X2 sans any strings attached. The phone will hit select countries globally in glossy green, orange and black; with glossy yellow, white and matt dark grey variants following shortly afterwards.

What makes Nokia’s Android gear different from the rest of the pack is that it lacks Google’s apps and services, offering those made by Microsoft, instead. If you can live without Google Maps and GMail, perhaps this is the phone for you. Otherwise, you’re much better off getting… pretty much any other device. Even some phones made by little-known Chinese companies will get you further in the “Android world.” Or so we think…

  • Gregory C Newman

    this is an entry Level smart phone for markets where they do not have carriers that will subsidize the cost of the smart phone. you pay 99 euros and it’s ALL yours. for a lot of People this smart phone is good enough because it has all the basics any smart phoneshould have.I expect an American version to appear to appear soon and it may even access and use Google play store apps. will it sell well in the USA. People who are first time smart phone buyers might buy one if it’s cheap enough!

  • Real Warder

    The Galaxy S2 which you compare this with is 200 EUR off contract too. So not really a good comparison. This is also a dual SIM phone which for many countries is useful… you can have friends on different carriers and still text them for free rather than using expensive cross-carrier pricing. Even for a world traveler this can be a good feature.
    And as to comparing it with a no-brand phone, Nokia are the world leaders in phone manufacturing. They know how to design a phone to not to break on the first drop.
    Personally I’d buy a Nokia Windows Phone, but if you prefer Android, this is a great phone at a great price!

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