32,000 Mormon Church missionaries get iPad Minis to spread the gospel

iPad Mini

Despite Android tablet makers growing their share every year, the iPad is still a gold standard in this [tablet] world. We’ve seen any number of schools, faculties and medical institutions adopting the iPad to increase their productivity, and now we have a church joining-in the ride, big time.

According to the ABC News report, the Mormon Church is planning to provide 32,000 missionaries with iPad Minis to help them spread the gospel and deliver on their other duties. The move comes on the heels of a test program that began last fall with 6,500 iPad Mini-equipped missionaries serving in the United States and Japan. Since that went well, the church decided to expand the initiative and eventually have the specially configured iPad Minis in the hands of many more missionaries by early 2015.

Using the iPad minis has proved an effective tool for missionaries to communicate with church leaders and keep in touch with people who have expressed interest in joining the Mormon church, said David F. Evans, director of the church’s missionary department, in a video posted on Mormonnewsroom.org.

The iPhone used to be called the “Jesus phone”; guess that makes the iPad – the “Jesus tablet.”

  • Zig

    “Hi, we’re missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We’d like to share a message with you about the restoration of the fullness of the gospel of Christ. Can we use your wifi?”

    • howardbamber

      Total bullshit

    • howardbamber

      Sorry!didn’t see the WiFi!lmbo

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