Apple gets TAG Heuer sales director to join its iWatch team

TAG Heuer

You know how Apple likes pay attention to details (and we love them for that); with something that sits on your wrist, they want to make sure even folks wearing a Rolex would considering buying the upcoming iWatch.

This is not to say this will actually happen — there’s something special about Rolex and other expensive Swiss watches — but they want to make sure all of the relevant parties have been consulted prior to product launch.

On that note, we bring you the story involving Patrick Pruniaux, the sales director of TAG Heuer. As you would imagine, he’s now in Apple’s team and will undoubtedly add its expertise to the mix, helping the Cupertino company get luxury watch buyers. Perhaps this means launching the gold-plated iWatch, perhaps not.

In any case, we’ve no doubts that Apple will launch a fancy-lookin’ watch that will also allow users to do other (smart-er) things with it, like get notifications on their wrist, keep up with their health and fitness activities, reject phone calls and so on.

It is said that the iWatch will be officially unveiled in October when we should get all the missing pieces of the puzzle. Stay tuned in the meantime…

[Via: AppleInsider, mHealth Spot]

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