iPhone 6 rear logo to light up for notifications?

iPhone 6 rear logo to light up for notifications?

Another day, another iPhone 6 rumor…

The new information suggests that Apple could use its own logo, located at the back of the phone, to light up for notifications. This should inform users about new messages, tweets, Facebook updates and so on, when the iPhone is face down.

In addition, the same plastic logo would also leave room for NFC transmission, though that part is still unconfirmed. For one reason or another, Cook & Co. have avoided NFC in the past iPhones.

The inclusion of an flashing light for notifications certainly makes sense, and could also help Apple fanatics further emphasize their fanatism. One could easily envision a jam-packed bar with Apple logo flashing all around the place.

We should get all the iDetails in September when Cupertino giant will officially announce the new iPhone. Said device will be available in two different versions – one with a 4.7- and another with a 5.5-inch screen. At that time we may also get to learn a thing or two about the iWatch… or so we hope. 😉

[Via: Pocket-lint, uswitch]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    That’s a great way to use that logo. Otherwise, it’s just a logo. 😉

    • phatmanXXL [25,000 COMMENTS!]

      Its all about the logo apparently.

  • Phil

    woo, no one actually cares, a flashing logo(better get a patent on that one!), this still doesn’t make up for the fact that apple keep reinventing the same tired old wheel. Speculation is going to cause mass hysteria about the iPhone 6, then when it comes out folks will be disappointed that it doesn’t actually bring anything ( Heart Stopping ) to the table.

    • Stuart Friedman

      If they do bring it, they better bring better battery life because half my wife, half my friends, and I need Mophie cases to make it through the day.

  • phatmanXXL [25,000 COMMENTS!]

    Revolutionary!!!! My G2 already does this, of course if Apple did it it would be called a game changer, ground breaking and magical.

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