Microsoft’s New Ad Campaign: Siri Sucks, Cortana Rules!

In true underdog fashion, Microsoft has released a new video ad which smacks Apple square in the gut. The ad pits Microsoft’s Cortana against Apple’s Siri in a bloody battle of the digital assistants.

Cortana is a part of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 update which is slowly making its way to various Lumia devices across the world.

Microsoft is a little late to the digital assistant game, but that doesn’t mean that Cortana is dead in the water. While not as functional as Siri, Cortana does have an extensive list of commands, some of which Siri just doesn’t have. While Microsoft may have a bit of the upper hand at the moment, there’s no doubt that Apple will bake more features into Siri when iOS 8 rolls out in the fall.

Cortana’s not bad, but Microsoft still has a way to go to make its personal assistant as popular as Siri.

Check out the bloodbath below!

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