HTC One (M8) for Windows shows its face in a leaked render

HTC One (M8) for Windows

We’ve been told numerous times that HTC is getting back to the Windows Phone market with the HTC One (M8) running Microsoft’s mobile OS. The rumored HTC W8 or HTC One (M8) for Windows — you can call it however you want — will literally add a new dimension to the “Windows Phone universe” with its dual camera setup. Moreover, once it’s out, it will easily be the fanciest device running Microsoft’s mobile platform, hands down.

The Taiwanese company is organizing an event in New York on August 19th when this phone should be officially announced, possible with Verizon Wireless as one of (few?) launch partners. Microsoft will also be there, we would think. After all, this phone largely comes on the heels of their decision to stop charging royalties for Windows devices with smaller screens.

In any case, we like the increased competition in any market; finally, there’s a non-Nokia made Windows Phone worth talking about. You can see how it will look like from the image above, compliments to PCMag.

So what do you say? Would the HTC One (M8) for Windows convince you to buy into Microsoft’s mobile eco-system?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Finally a real Lumia competitor…

  • Alex Di Giacomo

    If they want this phone to sell WELL, then they need to get rid of the ridiculous exclusivity deals with Verizon and offer it on every carrier. As a Windows Phone user myself, I am quite interested in this phone and would likely buy it if it’s offered before the next Nokia/Microsoft phone hits the market, but I definitely won’t switch carriers for it. HTC needs to understand that they’re not Apple, and they won’t succeed if they make switching carriers a requisite to buying their products. Time to wise up!

  • Matt

    Agree – it would be absolutely ridiculous to launch this with only 1 partner like Verizon. These exclusivity deals are ridiculous. MS (and T-mobile) needs to get more hardware variety in the market or I may be heading back to iPhone.

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