LG Leaks G3 Stylus, a Huge Phablet with a Stylus

It looks like LG is releasing a huge version of the LG G3 complete with a stylus. With Samsung expected to launch the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA on September 3rd, the G3 Stylus will go head to head with Sammy’s best-selling phablet line.

LG’s phablet isn’t yet officially confirmed, but pops up in an ad for the G3’s little brother, the G3 Beat. It’s the first we’ve heard about the massive device, and all we have to go on is the picture of the G3 Stylus shown at the end of the G3 Beat ad. That being said, we’ve no idea what kind of specs the G3 Stylus will rock, but we can assume that they will be on par with the G3, if not a little beefier.

Nice move, LG. The G3 has been one of the best reviewed Android phones ever, both in performance and design. There’s no doubt in my mind that the G3 Stylus will appeal to many, but will it make Galaxy Note users drop Sammy and join LG? Time will tell.


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