OnePlus Two or OnePlus One 2 is coming next year – here are 4 things we know so far

OnePlus One

After the successful launch of the OnePlus One (pictured above), the company is preparing to unveil its second generation device at some point next year. While we’re missing many details on the upcoming OnePlus Two — or that’s OnePlus One 2 — we did caught few tidbits here and there. Mostly, though, these details stem from Business Insider’s report. Here they are:

1. StyleSwap covers return with a vengeance

The next OnePlus’ device will also support StyleSwap and this time round, users will be able to choose between multiple covers. Again, we could see the bamboo cover, as well as few made from wood, denim and Kevlar. We’re speculating at this stage though, as we’re pretty much clueless on customization options at this point.

2. Sub-$500 price tag

OnePlus intends to use the top-notch hardware while keeping the phone relatively affordable. Whereas other high-end devices usually cost north of $600, the OnePlus Two will be available with a price tag of $500 or less.

3. Surprise, surprise…

The company’s Carl Pei said that they will have “some surprises in store” though we are left wondering what these surprises are all about. Perhaps, OnePlus Two gets some exclusive accessories that are not available with other handsets. If I would have to pick, I would want a keyboard cover case a la Typo Cover.

4. Launch date

The OnePlus Two (OnePlus One 2) will be officially announced in the middle of next year. Considering that the original OnePlus One was launched in June, we would expect its successor to be unveiled in the same month. Though you never know…

  • Noel

    Should be a compact device with a 5.2-5.5″ screen minimal bezels, SD card slot and a huge Replaceable battery…a must. This device should be a whole lot about battery capacity n stamina. It is about time OEMs put this spec front n center…Motorola is on it to some extent even tho they failed to do this with the N6.

  • Michael Jerkins

    External SD just needs to die already. They need to do what Apple has always done and just stick with internal memory. Google is shying away from external memory anyway, there’s no point when you can’t store apps to it. And usually phones with external SD always get stuck with 16 or 32gb internal which isn’t crap anymore. Having an iPhone 6 with 128gb to use at my will and not worrying about storage space is a awesome feeling.

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