LG G3 Review: Meet LG’s iPhone 6 Killer


The LG G3 is one hell of an Android device, boasting a Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM and a 5.5 inch Quad HD display. With specs like these, Apple could find themselves in trouble by the time the iPhone 6 lands in the fall. The LG G3 was and continues to be a smash…

LG Vista heading to Verizon Wireless

LG Vista heading to Verizon Wireless

EVleaks has once again managed to ruin one carrier’s plan to announce a new device and show that phone to the world before the official release has been issued. This time, it’s Verizon Wireless’ LG Visit, which we think could the Big Red carrier’s version of the LG G Pro 2 Lite, which has also…

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