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Phone Arena’s 3GSM Coverage

Might be a little late to report this, but good content doesn’t have an expiration date right? Loads of pictures and movies, brilliant write up, check it out: Phone Arena E series release in a nutshell: The marketing guy made a boo boo. The E90 runs S60 3.1; I wouldn’t compare a Nokia to a…

Phil just posted 3 new Voice of S60 podcasts!

What a perfect way to start my day seeing as I’ve just woken up. 14:57 on a Saturday, jealous? Straight from Phil’s blog: On Thursday of last week, the final day of 3GSM, I recorded three interviews.  First with Jay Andolini of Mobiles.co.uk.  Second with Martin Sauter of Mobile Society.  And finally with Rafe Blandford…

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