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British Airways and Scandinavian Airlines Allow Electronics at Take-off and Landing

British Airways trialing iPads to improve customer service

After the American FCC’s bombshell ruling that phones and other devices were safe for use on airplanes, the European Aviation Safety Agency looked into its own regulations and made a change. Scandinavian Airlines became the first carrier to allow gate-to-gate electronic use on its flights. Now British Airways has followed suit and made gadgets even easier…

Snowden: NSA Tracking Cellphone GPS Data Worldwide


The Latest bombshell from NSA leaker Edward Snowden should worry anyone who uses a cellphone, but it specifically concerns cellphone users outside of the United States and US citizens travelling abroad. Snowden released documents that show that the NSA is tracking cellphone locations the world over. The agency is also tracking domestic phones which means…

Google Retiring Latitude From Its Map App


When Google announced its new Maps app today, it touted tons of great new features. But it looks like one feature will quietly be leaving the app, Google’s Latitude location sharing service. All Google Latitude services, including its location sharing API, will be phased out on August 9th. Latitude users begun receiving emails letting them…

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