Rumor: iPhone 6 Will Sport Only 1GB of RAM


Here’s another iPhone 6 rumor for you folks, and its a bummer of a tale. According to a schematic from Weibo GeekBar, Apple’s iPhone 6 will include a paltry 1GB or RAM. In an age where flagship smartphones rock 2 or even 3GB of RAM, this rumor comes as quite a shock. Before you go getting…

Samsung’s Anti-Apple ‘Wallhuggers’ Ad Campaign Strikes Another Blow


Remember Samsung’s ‘wallhuggers’ video a little while back? It’s ok if you don’t. Basically, it involves Samsung touting the Galaxy S5′s battery life, calling iPhone users ‘wallhuggers’ because they’re always needing to charge their phones. But Samsung has decided to keep hammering at Apple with its ‘wallhugger’ meme, and has stepped up their game substantially.…

Angry Birds Stella Lands September 4th


Ready for a new adventure in the Angry Birds franchise? Ready or not, there’s a new one on its way. At it’s looking to be even cuter than previous Angry Birds titles. Is that even possible? Sure looks like it. Angry Birds Stella centers around a pink, happy-go-lucky bird and her super cute birdy friends…

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