NVIDIA suing Qualcomm and Samsung over GPU patents


NVIDIA is claiming that just about any System-on-Chip found in today’s smartphones and tablets is using their proprietary technology without permission. The G-Force maker is saying that Qualcomm’s Adreno graphic processor, ARM’s Mali GPU, and Power VR’s graphics design are all infringing on NVIDIA’s (seven) patents. And now they’re doing something about it, having filed…

Europe to mandate single charger for phones and tablets

Europe to mandate single charger for phones and tablets

The European Parliament approved legislation that will require all mobile device makers to use a single, interoperable charger that works with both smartphones and tablets. The new legislation builds on top of existing rules that require phone makers to use the same charge port (microUSB); the new thing is that tablets are now part of…

BlackBerry suing the maker of Typo Keyboard Cover

Typo Keyboard Cover

Remember the Typo Keyboard Cover for iPhone? BlackBerry doesn’t like the fact that these guys didn’t pay a dime to use such keyboard design, which is apparently an intellectual property of the Canadian company. So they’re suing them, claiming that Typo Products is infringing on their patents covering keyboards. “This is a blatant infringement against…

Qualcomm facing price fixing investigation in China

Qualcomm facing price fixing investigation in China

China’s National Development and Reform Commission apparently has “substantial evidence” against Qualcomm, which is accused of engaging in price fixing in the country. Xu Kunlin, head of the antitrust regulator, hasn’t revealed any details (except mentioning that evidence), leaving us waiting for the procedure. Meanwhile, the chip maker confirmed that the investigation is under way,…

Google Glass: Yet Another Establishment Bans the Wearable Tech


Google Glass may only be in the hands (well, on the faces) of a select few “Explorers”, but it’s already run into plenty of controversy. Now another establishment is banning Google’s wearable technology! Google remains silent on Google Glass’ wide release date, but the company recently increased fourfold the amount of Glass on the street…

Google Glass Behind the Wheel? It Might Land You a Ticket!


Google Glass has raised lots of questions since its release. The wearable tech has raised privacy issues, and has already been banned by several private businesses. Now safety is being called into question as well; specifically the safety of wearing glass while driving. A California woman was recently pulled over for wearing Glass behind the…

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