Apple Making a Pandora Rival?


The Wall Street Journal is reporting from sources that claim to be “people familiar with the matter” that Apple is currently in talks to possibly create a custom radio streaming service to rival Pandora. Pandora Radio was launched in January of 2000, using the information gathered from the Music Genome Project, an ambitious project designed…

Apple Wins Court Case, Samsung Sales Spike


The dead horse that is the Apple v. Samsung case has been beaten into the ground, but wait, there’s more. Quite interestingly, albeit not too surprising, has been the result of the verdict as manifested in Samsung sales. Trip Chowdhry who serves as managing director of equity research at Global Equities Research told Forbes this week…

An iPhone That Reacts To Location?


Some of the biggest tells and the sources for some of the fastest growing rumors in Apple’s universe are their patent filings. Well this week a patent has surfaced that is turning some heads. Ever wanted someone’s phone to be off, dimmer, or quieter in a movie theater? Well what if your iPhone knew that…

How Important is NFC for Apple?


Rumors have been rampant and speculation high as to whether the new iPhone 5 from Apple would bring with it the much-anticipated feature, NFC. Near Field Communication has exploded in recent years and the potential is exciting for transferring information using small objects that you already carry on your person at all times. The use…

iOS and Android Growing 10 Times Faster Than The Web


Flurry Analytics, a research firm has released numbers today that show the incredible rate at which iOS and Android have grown in recent years. In the 1990’s, at the height of the internet boom, the adoption of the web was happening at a wicked fast pace, but recent numbers show that smartphone use, particularly iOS and Android has…

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