HTC ChaCha

Facebook Phone comic

Facebook Phone comic

So how would you imagine the “true” Facebook phone? Forget about the HTC ChaCha and Salsa, more tight integration on a hardware level is needed to get the “real” experience. For instance: Speakerphone should always be on so that everyone can hear your thoughts Phone vibrates on poking Your age, sex and location are automatically…

Chinese HTC ChaCha dumps Facebook for QQ

Chinese HTC ChaCha dumps Facebook for QQ

HTC is out with a special version of the ChaCha smartphone for the Chinese market. Instead of boasting the Facebook button, this little fella’ comes with the QQ button along with various QQ services preloaded. Those unfamiliar should know Facebook is blocked in China, hence folks need to rely on the home-grown services. QQ is…

Idea: More companies should make BlackBerry-like Android smartphones like Motorola Pro, Samsung Galaxy Pro and HTC ChaCha

Motorola Pro keyboard

After Apple launched the iPhone, the market went crazy with pretty much every handset maker jumping to make an all-touchscreen smartphone. In the meantime, RIM continued to push its “candybar with a full QWERTY keyboard” phones and even managed to increase its market share. Now that the Interweb is all about the Android and iPhone,…

HTC Status now available on AT&T!


As expected, the day has come and AT&T is now offering the HTC Status, which is the carrier’s version of the ChaCha. This Facebook-friendly phone rocks a dedicated button for accessing your favorite social network along with full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen to make cyber schmoozing convenient. This privilege will get 50 bucks out of…

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