Nokia takes on Google with cloud based map service


In an event in San Francisco today, Nokia unveiled a cloud based maps service to rival the likes of Google. Nokia’s new effort, dubbed Here, will use tools such as data-capturing cars and crowd-sourced databases to keep it’s data fresh. Nokia’s CEO, Elop, stated that  one of the goals of Here is to provide a…

iOS Says Goodbye to Firefox Home


After Google’s Chrome for iOS suddenly exploded on the scene and quickly reached the number one spot on the free iTunes charts, the eye on a mobile OS to challenge Safari has widened. But as Chrome receives updates and Firefox pushes further on Android, Firefox maker Mozilla has never managed to get a full browser onto…

iOS and Android Growing 10 Times Faster Than The Web


Flurry Analytics, a research firm has released numbers today that show the incredible rate at which iOS and Android have grown in recent years. In the 1990’s, at the height of the internet boom, the adoption of the web was happening at a wicked fast pace, but recent numbers show that smartphone use, particularly iOS and Android has…

Facebook Launches Re-built App for iOS


Facebook has re-built their iOS App from the ground up. Their developers went back to the drawing board to figure out how to trim of any excess code, features, and anything that might slow down its performance. The Facebook App, while still largely successful, has always been a little bit slow. Page takes too long…

Shazam launches Shazam Player music player app for iOS


Shazam today announced its rolling out its first new app called Shazam Player which is a free replacement for the iOS music player. The new app provides a respectable set of features which include synced lyrics, social sharing, smart playlists, bios and more. The mobile music company packed its new player with some prominent additions such…

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