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What to do with your new iPhone


We know that many of you were asking for and may have received an iPhone for the holidays and even though it’s quite an intuitive experience, we thought we could provide a simple guide for setting up and getting the most out of your new Apple smartphone. This should be applicable to all iPhones but…

Apple iPhone 4S photo tour

Apple iPhone 4S photo tour

We camped out overnight to be one of the first to get our hands on the iPhone 4S and we’ve already unboxed it for you and did a brief walkthrough about Siri, the voice-controlled personal assistant. We’ll have the full review up for you shortly but take a few looks at these photos to let…

Why I’m on the fence about the iPhone 4S


When the iPhone 4 was released last year, I was incredibly eager to get one. I didn’t even have my 3GS for more than eight or nine months, but after seeing the design and new features on the iPhone 4, I was sold. When pre-orders became available, I tried to grab one, but the constant…

What do you want from the next iPhone?

What do you want from the iPhone 5?

Depending on how you feel about tomorrow, you’re probably really excited about tomorrow’s announcement or can’t wait for it to be over so we can stop talking about every single, possible iPhone 5 rumor. We’ve already rounded up the major rumors and it looks like we’re in store for an iPhone 4S with a similar…

Top smartphones for students

Top smartphones for students

While I understand that the monthly costs of smartphones may be too much for many students, I sincerely believe that these mobile computers can greatly add to a student’s life. Whether it’s quick access to e-mails, directions to class, or even social media on the go, having a smartphone can have a significant impact on…

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