GSM Data Settings

Getting an unlocked phone gives you the freedom of choice. But it also means a bit of extra hassle in setting up that hot new gadget of yours. We have some settings for you to try.
unlock gsm phones

All these settings can be found under “Settings\Connections\ISP settings” from the Start Menu of your Windows Mobile 5.0 phone (settings should work for Windows Mobile 6.0 as well)

Service – Access Point Name (APN) / Username and Password
Cingular (US)

Cingular Media Net – wap.cingular
Cingular Internet – isp.cingular

Tmobile (US)

T-MobileWeb –
T-Mobile Internet –
T-Mobile Internet (Virtual Private Network) –
T-Mobile BlackBerry –
T-Mobile SideKick –

Rogers (CAN)

RogersWeb –
Username: wapuser1 Password: wap
Primary IP:
Primary Port: 9203
Secondary IP:
Secondary Port: 9201

  • jamahl

    can you please give me step by step instructions on how to set up the one for t-mobile

  • jamahl

    my email address is

  • collin

    i need the IP adress for at&t

  • agus

    Guys, i get a problem..I’ve sidekick II from my cousin,n the problem is i can’t open and i dont’t know the password that mobile. Can you help to me explained how to open that mobile? Now I live in Indonesia..before and after,thanx a billion guys..

  • Brieanna

    I just ordered a cell phone called a “thin” from hongkong and I need to know how to get onto the internet, I have at&t, can you please help me!

  • Richard

    I have an unlocked blackberry w9630 and I don’t understand how to set it up for AT&T. What it asks for is different than you explained it.

    I don’t even know if I have to set it up under my Wifi or MMS settings… both need setup.

  • Guest

    I have a Odyssey cell from Chinavision, can anyone help me configure it for e-mail, my carrier is Rogers my e-mail is Cogeco support tried to assist with no luck so I asked Rogers no luck either. I think I need to config the network GSM Data, but don't have a clue how to.

  • Hotbwoy27

    can a droid 2 global work on tmobile network 

  • penny wyngarden

    can net  10 work for simple mobile  .it is powered by trac phone

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