Video: Apple iPhone vs Nokia N95; Episode 3

When Steve Jobs said the iPhone would be the first cell phone to bring the full internet experience in the palm of your hand you could hear millions of S60 users around the world producing a faint moan. The iPhone uses the “Safari Engine,” a marketing term for the open source webkit project. Here is the metaphorical bucket of cold water Ricky and I are throwing on the situation:

  • Battleraisin

    “You’re shittin me!” lol 😆

  • PineRoot

    FUNNY!!! Great ending!!!

  • Will Park

    That was the best part! 😆
    I definitely “LOL”ed

    glad to see your comments coming through, PineRoot 😉

  • PhatTrance

    youre shittin me, ahaha =)

  • ben

    legendary- “your shittin me”. I have a n95 too, loving the browser, 5mega pix camera and gps. 2 weeks in and I am still finding new features.

  • Geoff

    They gotta do one showing off the n95 GPS… the iphone guy should faint 🙂

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