Nokia N95 with US 3G support coming soon?

According to the post at GigaOm, the Nokia N95 with U.S. flavor of 3G is coming soon! Blake Krikorian, CEO and co-founder of Sling Media, was invited as a guest to The GigaOM Show and while there he started showing off the streams off his cable box. Surprisingly, streaming was in real-time using not EDGE but 3G!

Nokia N95 with US 3G support coming soon?

Apparently, Blake got the early trial unit of N95 which supports HSDPA connection in the States. The well-placed sources reveled the Finish giant will be rolling out the new N95 this September. Hopefully, beside selling it unlocked through the Flagship stores and partners, Nokia will sell the “optimized for U.S.” version of the N95 through some carrier (AT&T?) which will do a piece of subsidizing…

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    this would be the best piece of news to read if I was in America. you have no idea how sweet HSDPA is in Finland, pages just pop up instantly!

  • Viipottaja

    Yep, I know what I would be asking for Christmas.. or Thanks Giving.. or.. err.. for “The Fifth Day After the N95 Was Released in the US”.. 😀

  • pseudofinn

    This is just outstanding news- I can’t wait. REALLY hoping that AT&T will pick up some of the expense. I wonder what the chances of that are…?

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