China Mobile negotiating with Apple to carry iPhone

China Mobile in talks with Apple to bring iPhone to ChinaThe largest wireless operator in China, nay, the world, is reportedly in talks with Apple to bring the iPhone to the 350 million end-users that China Mobile calls its subscriber-base. We already know the iPhone will be hitting the Asian-region in 2008, so it makes sense for China Mobile to court Apple for exclusive rights to the iPhone.

China Mobile’s CEO, Wang Jianzhou, has confirmed that they are negotiating with Apple. However, the Chinese carrier is a bit reluctant to give up iPhone revenue to Apple – a kick-back model that Apple has forced all iPhone carriers to obey. Says Wang, “We still think we can maintain the operator-centric model because we have the customers, the end users.”

Sure, China Mobile has the subscriber-base to make demands, but will Apple give in to these demands? Precedence would dictate, no. Afterall, revenue sharing from a potential pool of 350 million customers is just way too enticing for Apple to pass up.

[Via: iPhone Central]

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